VIDEO: Heartbreaking testimony of a tattoo artist who had her breasts removed due to a wrong cancer diagnosis

Hospital/Photo: Free Press/Dragan Mitreski

With a trembling voice and visible anxiety in the gestures, with almost barely moving right hand the patient S.S. from Tetovo in the editorial office of "Sloboden Pechat", she told her five-year ordeal, after she was wrongly diagnosed with cancer on her right breast, for which both breasts were surgically removed, and now after judicial way tries to seek justice for the inflicted physical and psychological trauma.

In her statement, she talks about the trauma, the shock, the disbelief, the mixed emotions, but also about the consequences of this surgical intervention and the events that led to it, which manifested negatively both on her physical and mental health.

- Friends came home to comfort me, and I didn't know how to tell them, people, I was operated on by mistake, I don't have cancer!, says S.S.

About the subject The Medical Chamber carried out expert supervision, but the report of S.S. they do not give it to her on the grounds that there is a prosecution case and the findings of the expert supervision direct her to request them from the Prosecutor's Office. Due to the protection of the woman's identity, we note that the original audio material has been studio-distorted, and was recorded in the "Sloboden Pechat" editorial office.

Watch the video:

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