VIDEO | "Politicians" of "Sloboden Pechat": INTERVIEW - Zoran Damjanovski Tsits: Zaev's wrong decisions resulted in this catastrophic election defeat

In today's edition of the "Politicians" podcast, the former Kumanovo mayor, doctor-gynecologist, Kumanovo legend Zoran Damjanovski - Tsits talked with Sasho Ordanoski about some forgotten topics, but also heard the opinion of the "mayor legend" about current events.

Zoran Damjanovski Tsits / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

How did it happen that Tsits found out through Facebook that he is not a candidate for mayor even though Zaev told him in a conversation that he is his favorite? Why was Cic sidelined and did his friendship with Branko Crvenkovski play a role in that? Did Zaev's decision in 2017 cost SDSM victory in the 2024 elections? How did SDSM break up in Kumanovo with the party of Maxim Dimitrievski from a local misunderstanding? If Kumanovo gave Zaev the idea of ​​"One society for all", how did the project manage to last so short? How did Makso manage to lose a third of the votes between two election rounds, and win them for VMRO-DPMNE? Why does Cic think that this election result of 2024 means trampling on the political dignity of SDSM, which will have far-reaching consequences?

- A mix-up before a goal is not always a goal, says Tsits about the numerous candidates for the future president of the SDSM and adds that now, like never before, there has been such uncertainty about the highest party position. In that mixture, the name of the former president of the party and the state, Branko Crvenkovski, is also mentioned? Does he have the ambition to return to the head of SDSM? What kind of leader does SDSM need, according to Tsits? How true is it that the Kumanians are doing damage to the party and from now on I could still be considered dismissed from office?

Will such a significant victory of VMRO-DPMNE stop European integration or will it be pressured to solve the problem with Bulgaria after the European elections? Tsits says that there may be benefits from the economy and the rule of law after 2-3 years, but it is important not to "slip" on the key issue - progress towards the EU.

Regarding inter-ethnic relations, Tsits says that there is no chance of conflict, but there may be street crime, while he tells DUI that they should accept the fact that they will not be in power. Will Cic be surprised if Mickoski offers SDSM to enter the government? What does Tsits think of Mickoski and what kind of political future does he foresee? And does he see himself as a future candidate for mayor of Kumanovo?

Hear the answers to these questions in today's edition of "Politicians".

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