VIDEO | See the beautiful scenes of the Northern Lights over New Zealand

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

The aurora borealis, caused by exploding sunspots and solar storms, is much more visible in Australia and New Zealand this year than in previous years, attracting hunters of this natural phenomenon who drive for hours through the night to capture the ideal shot of the aurora borealis.

"We've seen really good aurora over the last few weeks," astronomer and director of the Otago Museum Ian Griffin said, The Guardian reports.

James O'Dea from New Zealand's South Island claims aurora hunting is an "adventure" that becomes "a little bit addictive, because you're always looking to see where the aurora is going to appear next".

He and his friends use apps that alert them to possible dates when the aurora borealis will be visible and look for good photo spots where the sky is clear.

When you pick up your camera and capture the colors of the aurora borealis, you feel "awe," says O'Dea.

The aurora australis is usually much better seen from New Zealand's South Island, but recently the lights were so bright that they were seen from Auckland in the North Island.

The aurora borealis in the north of the Earth is known as the aurora borealis, and when it appears at the South Pole, it is called the aurora borealis.

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