VIDEO | Petar Grašo: I got tired of singing, I told people that they won't come to me

Petar Grasho / Photo: Promo

Petar Grašo honestly told that in one period of his career he retired, did not perform and did not appear in public. In the show "One on One", in the second part which will be broadcast on Sunday from 18.30 on Channel 5, the Croatian singer-songwriter said that he does not have a classic manager but a few collaborators, and he sleeps peacefully who keeps things under control himself.

– In 2006, I got tired, I had been on the road for ten years. I was 30 years old, and I had already been playing for 11 years. I felt tired, and I was a boy. I called a press conference and said: 'From today, until further, you will not come to me. There are no interviews and no concerts.' And I was in my own restaurant for five years, I traveled, I wrote songs, I didn't play. Why? Because I couldn't anymore. At that moment when a man goes on stage, and he sees people who love him, who laugh, who paid for a ticket for him, and he looks at his watch and can't wait for it to end. When I realized that this happened to me, I said that people don't deserve it, and I don't deserve it either - said Grašo, who returned to the scene in 2011 when he sang on an ethnic album that he worked with Tonči Huljić and Goran Bregović.

The Croatian charmer will sing in Skopje on the 26th, 27th and 29th of April, and on the 30th in Strumica.

In the video below, watch some of Grasho's stories that we will watch Sunday in "Eden na Eden".

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