VIDEO | Petar Grašo bit a fan's leg at a concert

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram - TikTok

A short video of the Croatian singer appeared on the popular social network TikTok Petar Grasho how he tries to bite one of his fans on the leg, probably on her own accord.


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It is not known when this recording was made or which concert it is about. Many wondered what caused this situation between the singer and the fan.

"God, what are you doing Grasho?", "Why did you do this?", "Scary", "Probably a bite that will tattoo him", are just some of the comments that TikTok users wrote under the post.

The video of the unusual sight quickly became a viral sensation, but the person who posted it soon removed the post and can no longer be found on TikTok, where it was originally shared. Some of the users of the social network saved the popular video and it is now published on YouTube.

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