VIDEO: Infernal scenes in Turkey, burning gas pipelines and ports after the devastating earthquake

Shipping containers are burning in a port after the earthquake in the Turkish city of Iskenderun, on the border with Syria / Photo: Anadolu Agency (AA)

Footage of a burning gas pipeline in southern Turkey's Hatay province has emerged on social media following devastating earthquakes that have claimed more than 3.000 lives.

Authorities said the main oil pipeline in Zemayta, which links Turkey to Kirkuk in Iraq, was not damaged, but the flow of oil was halted due to fears of possible fissures opening later.

The Turkish Minister of Energy, Fatih Donmez, stated this morning that the energy infrastructure was seriously damaged in the earthquake and that an inventory of the damaged buildings and transmission systems is still being made.

A large fire, which has since been contained, broke out in containers at the port in the southern Turkish city of Iskenderun, also in Hatay province, near the border with Syria. According to Minister Donmez, there is great damage, especially in the northern parts of the country, to the transmission and distribution lines of electricity and natural gas.

Crews are working to improve the infrastructure, and in the meantime, power outages are possible in the most affected cities and areas, the authorities said.

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