VIDEO | JSP passengers will be able to use a virtual bus ticket

Public transport company Skopje informs passengers that recently the mobile application "Skopska" is fully functional, which, as explained by the company, is a replacement for the non-personalized electronic card "Skopska", practically it is a virtual bus ticket.

The application is available for users of smartphones with Android or IOS operating system.

"The application offers a series of benefits, including the basic ones for electronic purchase and ticket validation, and it also has tools (timetable, map of stops, route planning, etc.) that greatly facilitate the use of public transport. In the past few months, the application has passed all stages of testing and we expect that its users will not face problems of a technical nature, otherwise they can report a problem and similar to [email protected]", they inform from JSP Skopje.

From there, they say that the application was created exclusively based on the slogan "Keep up with the digital world", and as another additional benefit for faster and better use of public transport services in the city.

"Public transport users can still buy/validate a ticket with an electronic card "Skopska", with the Mobipay (mobile payment) option, and a paper ticket can also be bought at the ticket offices of JSP Skopje", the public company explains.

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