VIDEO | He fell from the stage and hit his head hard: Semsa Suljaković spoke out after the accident

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

The famous singer Semsa Suljakovic had an accident during a performance when she fell from the stage and hit her head.

The audience in the Swiss city of Schlieren, in the "Henodic" club, which was entertained by the legendary duo last night Semsa Suljakovic и Kemal Malovcic, witnessed an unfortunate event.

The singer created a great atmosphere at one of her concerts. The audience sang along with her, and that's exactly what got Semsa, so she started approaching them and having fun with them, and at one point she lost the ground under her feet.

A video of the accident appeared on social networks, showing the singer falling from the stage and hitting her head on it.

"The stage is small, and it is bordered by a miniature, decorative fence. I didn't pay attention. In fact, I didn't even see her. While I was singing, I hung onto a fence to be closer to the visitors. Afraid of falling flat on my face, I jumped up and landed on my butt, then flipped into a joke, made fun of myself in front of the audience, and continued singing after the first fall of my entire career. Well, I also joined the group of singers "padavichari". It's not some height, the "landing" was painless - the singer told Bosnian portals.

"Now I just feel pain in my shoulder and the back end of my spine. I was putting ice. Tomorrow I travel to Sweden, from where I came to Switzerland. Everything will be fine, with God's help. Thank you for your concern, and also to those who quickly put everything on social media. May they be as healthy and happy as they were when I performed. They are a great audience and they really love me" - said Semsa, who despite the accident feels good.

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