VIDEO | Tito's favorite resort: He welcomed Queen Elizabeth II there, and kept numerous exotic animals

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The Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito he was known for his love of travel, and his favorite holiday destination was Briony Islands, an archipelago located in the Adriatic Sea (a few kilometers west of the coast of Istria, Croatia), it says "B92".

This beautiful archipelago, consisting of fourteen islands, has become synonymous with the luxurious way of vacationing of the great Tito.

Natural beauty and historical significance

Brioni is known for its natural beauty, crystal clear sea, rich flora and fauna, as well as cultural and historical heritage dating back to Roman times. It attracted many rulers and wealthy visitors even before Tito's time, but during his reign it became an exclusive resort for high-ranking Yugoslav officials and international guests.

Tito's villa and state meetings

Tito had several residences in Brioni, but the most famous is the villa "Jadranka", where he often stayed. This villa was a meeting place with many world leaders and famous people from different fields, from the world of art, science and politics.

Safari Park and Botanical Garden

In addition to political meetings, Tito also enjoyed the rich flora and fauna of Brioni. The island has its own safari park, where numerous exotic animals could be seen - gifts from statesmen from all over the world. Also, the botanical garden and the olive groves further complemented the landscape and created an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

Although Tito died in 1980, his favorite resort still attracts visitors from all over the world. Brioni is open to the public as a National Park, where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty, learn about the history of the island and visit the Tito Museum.

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