Video of Mickoski's head of security attacking a fellow policeman

Photo: Printscreen/YouTube

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, in a well-known bar in Skopje, a policeman who was not on duty and who is part of the security of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, physically attacked a fellow policeman who was performing official actions.

As seen in the video he posted 360 degrees, the attacker I.B (dressed in a black blouse) and V.G (dressed in an ocher winter jacket) are talking inside the bar, after which I.B. starts pushing V.G. and takes him out of the building. Members of the Illicit Trade Unit in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who are on assignment, try to separate them, but I.B. punches V.G. in the head.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Pance Toshkovski, announced that yesterday the Ministry of the Interior will file a criminal complaint against I.B. for assaulting another official. According to the minister, he will be suspended from work until a final judgment is passed. At the same time, Toshkovski said that the allegations that I.B. prevented the action of the police team from the Illicit Trafficking Unit, but that the checks by the police had already been completed.

Mickoski's head of security beat up a police officer in front of a restaurant

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