PHOTO+VIDEO | Novosadjanka turns 100 years old: From a strict teacher, to a person who does not know what anger is

Photo: Facebook/Villa Mir Lux Nursing Home

The newcomer Vukosava Choporda celebrated his hundredth birthday and experienced what rarely anyone manages to do – he left behind a whole century of beautiful life events, writes "Telegraph".

Surrounded by relatives and friends, she blew out the birthday candles on her hundredth birthday cake.

In recent years, Grandma Vuka (as everyone at the nursing home calls her) likes to spend time on the terrace and enjoy drinking coffee.

Photo: Facebook/Villa Mir Lux Nursing Home

Everyone describes her as a calm and gentle person. The social worker Jela Rajkovic points out that this lovely woman is quiet, warm, gentle…

“All those wonderful qualities. "She doesn't know what anger is, she doesn't know what rage is," asserts Rajkovic.

Photo: Facebook/Villa Mir Lux Nursing Home

She once graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and spent her entire working life in Novi Sad, at the "Bogdan Šuput" High School of Art. Her former students often call her and ask about her health.

"They say she was an extremely strict teacher. But she was fair and everyone loved her," adds Rajkovic.

Photo: Facebook/Villa Mir Lux Nursing Home

Her relative Ratko Choporda recalled that in her youth, after finishing the Academy, she advocated helping the others to finish their education. He was among them.

"She really wanted us to achieve, to learn, to achieve something. She was strict – when something is done, it should be done right. When you learn, you need to learn, and learn well. But on the other hand, she was a very calm person," said her relative.

Photo: Facebook/Villa Mir Lux Nursing Home

He also says that she has always been a person of integrity, but that she has never been nervous. However, she was very determined, and proof of that character trait of hers was an event from eight years ago.

"She was 92 at the time and I was 46. That summer was very hot and I wanted to buy her an air conditioner. She then stopped me and said: 'Look, you are twice as young as me. If I tell you that I don't want an air conditioner, then I don't want it and I don't need it. Did we understand each other?'', Ratko said.

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