VIDEO | New boyfriend and new music video: Daniela Martinovic says that "surprises happen when you least expect it"

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

The love story of Daniela Martinovi. and the inspector Josip Plavic became one of the favorites in Croatia, especially after the singer revealed the details and confirmed the relationship. Interestingly, both of them are connected by music. Josip is a member of the band "Outside the Law" founded in 1991.

The singer recently promoted the music video for her new song "I believe in people", but due to the big change in her love life, this premiere is a bit under the shadow of privacy.

"Life is the best screenwriter and director and the most beautiful surprises happen when you least expect it, and life always brings you the people you need" - said Martinović on this occasion for "Evening sheet".


Before the relationship with Josip, Danijela was in an emotional relationship with the Croatian singer Petar Grašo from 1997. After 24 years together, they separated.

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