VIDEO: New mass protest against Vucic in Belgrade, now they showed him in prison clothes

Photo: print screen

A new, sixth mass opposition protest in a row took place this afternoon in Belgrade, and after the controversies approx the doll with the face of the Serbian president Aleksandar Vuќi. at the previous protest, today the demonstrators carried a cardboard figure of Vucic in prison clothes.

The actor and activist addressed the gathered citizens Sergej Trifunovic.

- On May 3, "Ribnikar" happened, on May 4, Dubon, and on May 5, something happened that would cause the fall of any government in any country, and that is the case of a pedagogue, a pedophile. Well, 35 children on a porn site from a man whose only qualification for work and access to children is a SNS membership card - Trifunović said.

The radicalization of protests is a logical and expected step that can be expected in any situation where one side makes demands and the other ignores them, says the professor and oppositionist Zarko Korac, who adds that it is still a scenario that he wishes for, but also for which Vucic will be responsible.

"They didn't make a request, "Vucic, go away immediately", but specific requests, which were met. I don't blame the opposition, but the government, because Vucic wants radicalization. Anything that may happen will be his responsibility. "He has been in power for too long, and judging by his statements, I am no longer sure that he is aware of what is happening on the street," Korac told "N1".

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