VIDEO: An unprecedented scandal, a shameful banner of Panathinaikos fans


The derby from the sixth round of the Greek football championship between city rivals Panathinaikos и AEK it could not pass without incident.

The reason is the murder of the AEK fan, Michalis Katsouris, after the fight in which Dinamo fans, "Bad Blue Boys" also participated.

Panathinaikos fans are known to have "fraternal relations" with fans from Croatia, so they hung a banner in their honor.

About 16.000 spectators gathered at the "Apostolos Nikolaidis" stadium, the hosts raised the slogan "Free the Bad Blue Boys" before the match, due to which the AEK players left the field and went to the dressing room. They threatened not to come to the game if the banner was not removed.

Around 100 arrested Dinamo fans are in Greek prisons and there is no indication when they could be released. The previous days, at the request of Greece, the Croatian police arrested several Dinamo fans who managed to return to Croatia after the riots at the beginning of August.

The match in Athens later continued, in the end the AEK team triumphed with 1:2 against Panathinaikos.

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