VIDEO | 'Amazing': A mother raccoon brought her babies to be seen by the woman who feeds them every day

Roxy and her babies / Photo: Printscreen/TikTok

Brittany Seidel In April 2021, she bought a new house. The previous owner was known for taking care of wild animals, so Brittany was initially surprised by the many unexpected guests who "knocked" on her door at night.

The animals were taught to receive dinner, and among them was a female raccoon named Roxy. Although cautious, Brittany realized the animal was friendly and began to feed it. In just a few days, they formed a strong bond.

One day Roxy arrived on the front lawn with her four babies. That's how Brittany learned that the raccoon had become a mother and that she had brought the cubs to introduce them to the woman who provides them with food every day.

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Brittany posted the adorable video on TikTok and captioned it: – Roxy brought her babies.

Humans have taken over most of the traditional habitats of raccoons who are curious by nature, so they have learned to coexist with humans, which is why their encounters are very common. Although these animals look cute, they can be quite cruel when approached, especially if they see you as a threat.

@brittany.rose.xo Pt 2; roxies babies 🥹 #roxietheraccoon #fyp ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy

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