VIDEO | Amazing scenes: Ash covered the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula, the Shiveluch volcano is not resting

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The Shiveluch volcano on the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula has been spewing ash for the second day.

The eruption of one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka began yesterday, and the volcanic ash spread 500 kilometers to the northwest and covered several villages.

Amazing videos came out of how the ash covered the settlements.

The Geophysical Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences said the eruption continued today and that the volcano was throwing up dust clouds up to 10 kilometers high.

Since the eruption began, this area has been closed to flights and residents are advised to stay indoors.

Shiveluch has two parts – Old Shiveluch with a height of 3.283 meters and smaller, very active Young Shiveluch.

Kamchatka is located 6.600 kilometers east of Moscow and has 160 volcanoes, of which about 30 are active.

A few days ago, a strong earthquake measuring 6.5 degrees on the Richter scale hit the Kamchatka peninsula located in the far east of Russia.

Several videos of the moment of the earthquake appeared on social networks.

But just one day before the earthquake there was an eruption of one of the volcanoes on this peninsula.

The peninsula is about 6.600 kilometers east of Moscow and is one of the areas with the highest concentration of geothermal activity in the world, with about 30 active volcanoes.

Due to its volcanoes, geysers and thermal springs, Kamchatka is an attractive destination for many nature lovers.

The 1.200 km long and up to 450 km wide Kamchatka Peninsula has about 160 volcanoes, but only a few of them are still active. The volcanic region is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

VIDEO: The east of Russia was hit by an earthquake, a day before large volcanic eruptions

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