VIDEO| There is no winter with this kind of police, a young policeman practicing on the street

policeman exercises skopje
Collage: SP. / Photo: Printxrin, video

A video is being shared on social networks with a young Macedonian policeman doing push-ups before getting to work early in the morning on the street in the middle of Skopje. As stated in some of the comments on the video published on the social network Twitter, the young policeman filmed one of the tenants of the neighboring building located in the immediate vicinity of the Italian Embassy in the center of Skopje.

And while some find it just funny and interesting, most of the comments about the young policeman are: "This is for greetings. God grant that at least half of the police officers are like this one."

It is interesting that the video in 24 hours on social networks reached a viewership of over 12 thousand views.

In the following, you can watch the video that has become an internet sensation these days in Macedonia.

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