VIDEO | 'He pounced on me and got between my legs': Gwyneth Paltrow's disturbing testimony in court

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The actress Gwyneth Paltrow she is on trial for a skiing accident that happened in 2016.
Gwyneth Paltrow shocked and rather confused those present in the courtroom in Utah, but also everyone who followed the trial live on the Internet, when she testified yesterday that during the collision on the ski slope she thought someone was trying to rape her.

The retired optician Terry Sanderson sued Paltrow over a February 2016 skiing accident at Deer Valley Resort in Utah. for which he is demanding $300.000 from the actress. He claims she crashed into him on the driveway, leaving him with permanent brain damage, four broken ribs and trauma that left him depressed. After the collision and after he fell, Sanderson claims Paltrow screamed at him and left without helping him.

The actress testified yesterday, and the trial was broadcast live, and her testimony shocked everyone. Namely, Gwyneth claims that Terry ran into her, not the other way around.

"His body pressed against me from behind, so I literally froze with fear. "He got between my legs with his skis and slammed into me, so at one point I thought that something perverse and strange was happening," said the actress.

She emphasized that she did not accuse Sanderson of sexual assault, but that she did not care at the time because she heard gasps and moans.

"My brain just tried to connect what was going on behind me," Paltrow claimed.

"You said a man rammed into you." How did you know he was a man?” Teri's lawyer asked.

"I felt the weight of his entire body on top of me, and the moaning sounds I heard were typically male," Gwyneth replied.

She also addressed Sanderson's accusations that she did not help him after the accident and that she yelled at him.


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"I don't remember if I screamed, but I was furious. I felt his skis spread my legs. "We were running on the slope for a while, and then we fell," claims the actress.

Sanderson's attorney asked Gwyneth to act out how her client attacked her, but the judge rejected the idea.

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