VIDEO | Heavenly spectacle: A giant hole has appeared on the Sun, here's how it will work on Earth

Photo: Screenshot/"Daily Mail"

A massive hole twenty times the size of Earth has appeared on the Sun's surface, which will send an impressive solar wind to Earth by Friday. writes "Daily Mail".

This is second coronal hole in a row discovered in the last few days.

An open "coronal hole" releases solar winds at a speed of 2,8 million kilometers per hour towards our planet and causes the formation of beautiful aurora borealis.

Scientists are closely monitoring the situation to see if the winds will affect Earth's magnetic field, satellites and technology.

Coronal holes release solar winds into space. Although on the surface of the earth they have no effects, if they are strong enough they can disrupt telecommunications, damage satellites in orbit or endanger astronauts in the International Space Station.

Coronal holes are very common on the Sun, but most often appear near its poles, while the last two appeared at the equator.

The appearance of these spots is not unusual. The Sun is currently in the ascendant for eleven years of activity, which means that such holes will appear more often.

Matthew Owens, professor of astrophysics at the University of Reading, says that "the position of this hole at the equator means we are certain to see solar wind activity on Earth in the coming days."

Coronal cavities can eject solar winds whose speeds can easily reach more than 800 kilometers per second. The shape of this coronal void is nothing special, but its position is, explained Daniel Versharen, assistant professor of space and climate physics at the University of London.

"I expect that the high-speed wind that will be emitted by the coronal hole will reach the earth between Friday and Saturday," Versharen said.

"The auroras we will see in some parts of the Earth will be bright, but not like the ones we saw last week. "Because these winds hit our dense atmosphere, they can make the auroras brighter, but don't think they will be visible everywhere," explains the professor.

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