VIDEO | Soon a documentary about Hollywood actor Armie Hammer accused of rape and cannibalism

Armi Hammer
Armie Hammer / Photo: EPA-EFE / Printscreen/IMDB

Approximately two years ago the actor Armi Hammer found himself at the center of a scandal when several women accused him of sending them disturbing messages with numerous sexual references to cannibalistic acts.

The story of this shocking scandal that shook the American and world public will be broadcast on "Discovery+" on September 2.

Armie Hammer / Photo: Profimedia

The three-part documentary "House of Hammer" will look at Armie Hammer's emotional abuse, manipulation and sexual violence against his former partners.

In the documentary, it will be revealed that his cannibalistic fantasies and sexual fetishes are not random, but the result of at least a dysfunctional family situation.

Let's recall, his ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovic, after a woman who wanted to remain anonymous came forward, said that the actor often told her which part of her body he would like to eat.

"He told me he wanted to break my rib, roast it and eat it," the 30-year-old CEO of Dallas-based Flashhd said in an exclusive interview with PageSix at the time.


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After all the developments, the actor Armie Hammer applied for treatment. He sought help for drug, alcohol and sex problems, but denied allegations of cannibalism.


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