VIDEO: Attacker who stabbed children and adults in France filmed brandishing knife in park

Photo: Telegraph / Youtube / screenshot

The attacker armed with a knife, who stabbed four children and two adults in a park by Lake Annecy in France today, was arrested, and a video appeared on social media showing the suspect, who was reported to be a Syrian migrant, waving a knife around the park, shortly before being overpowered and arrested. The footage may be disturbing to some readers.

Two children, ages 22 months and 3 years, and one adult suffered life-threatening injuries, authorities said. according to "Le Monde".

The suspect is a Syrian man in his early 30s who was granted refugee status in Sweden in April and previously applied for asylum in France in November 2022, the prime minister said Elizabeth Bourne at the press conference at the site of the attack in Annecy, a city 30 kilometers south of the Swiss city of Geneva. The assailant, who was reportedly suffering from mental health issues, was arrested at the scene of the gruesome attack.

It seems that the attacker did not have a "terrorist motive", the local state prosecutor told reporters Lynn Bone-Mathis.

"He has no criminal record, is not known to any intelligence service, has no psychiatric history. The attacker was carrying "the only weapon in his possession, a knife". So, the investigation is ongoing," said the prosecutor.

Two of the children were with families of tourists, and one of them is from Britain. "An adult also suffered stab wounds and another adult was stabbed and hit by a bullet fired by officers during the arrest," Bone-Mathis said.

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