VIDEO: On shopping with spare bags and bags in hand - Citizens do not give 15 denars for environmentally friendly bags

Plastic shopping bags 6
Plastic shopping bags - photo: Dragan Mitreski - Free Press

The ban on the sale of plastic bags started today. Markets are obliged to sell exclusively biodegradable bags which charge consumers 15 denars each.

The high price of the bags made the citizens go shopping with the already used ones, which they bring from home.

From shopping at KAM, people come out with bags branded by Vero, Ramstore, Tinex, and vice versa. Some, on the other hand, carry canvas bags, They say 15 denars is too much to spend on an ordinary bag. There are those who do not believe that today's bags are different from those sold in the markets yesterday.

- To tell you the truth, the bags look the same to me, I do not see a difference from these bags that sell for 15 denars today, compared to those that were a denar or two yesterday. The price is high, but if we have to, we will get used to it, who has extra money, will buy it, who is more economical will bring bags from home, says one of the citizens we met today.

There are some who have stockpiled bags, so they will have a certain period.

- I bought shopping bags while they were cheaper. I will have it for a while, then I will buy a bag and as before, in the sixties, then I will go to the market with a bag. It's all about the habit, we will get used to this, says our fellow citizen.

However, everyone agrees that the price of the bags is too high.

- If I have to buy a few bags, it will cost me one hundred denars. I do not eat meat, which means that with that money I will be able to eat lunch with vegetables for two days, adds one of the respondents.

Inspired by the new law for reducing the use of plastic bags, the students from the special primary school "Zlatan Sremec" made canvas bags, and the sale of them will be intended for the purchase of didactic materials for children.


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