"Guardian" VIDEO: Migrants stripped to their underwear, forced to return from Serbia to Macedonia, Serbian police deny

video: Printscreen "Guardian", Serbian police stripped a group of migrants to their underwear and deported them to Macedonia

A group of migrants were filmed walking in their underwear near the border between Serbia and Macedonia. He posted the video The Guardian. As the British newspaper states, it received the video from the Macedonian non-governmental organization Legis, and it allegedly shows a situation in which Serbian police strip migrants and force them to return to Macedonia.

The Guardian points out that he cannot confirm the authenticity of the recordings, but according to the Legis organization, the event took place on February 10 near the village of Lojane, near the border with Serbia.

The NGO claims that two humiliating incidents took place that day, where more than 50 people were forced to strip down to their underwear before being returned to Macedonia, from where they illegally entered Serbia.

According to the statements of one of the men in the video, who is stated to be Syrian, such events have become a practice at the border.

Jasmin Redzepi, president of Legis, points out that these incidents happened immediately after the summit of the European Union and Serbia on border cooperation in order to strengthen the security of the Serbian border against people smuggling.

Radosh Djurovic, executive director of the Center for the Protection and Assistance of Asylum Seekers in Serbia, confirms that his staff has noticed an increase in the number of migrants returning from Serbia to Macedonia since the beginning of the year.

Dunja Mijatovic, the Council of Europe's human rights commissioner, expressed concern and called for an immediate investigation into these reports about the alleged policy of Serbian border police.

This afternoon, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia denied allegations in the media that its members beat migrants, let service dogs attack them, which bit them, after which they stripped them to their underwear and forced them to return to North Macedonia on foot, the MIA correspondent reported. from Belgrade.

- Regarding the video in question (published by the Guardian), we emphasize that the Border Police Administration received a request from the border authorities of North Macedonia for a statement regarding two events in the village of Lojane on the territory of North Macedonia, where during the night and the morning that day, two groups of irregular migrants were found, who claimed that Serbian police officers allegedly beat them, allowed them to attack service dogs, which bit them, stripped them to their underwear and forced them to return to North Macedonia on foot, the the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior.



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