VIDEO: Ministry of Interior: There is no confirmation that people were armed to obstruct the election process

Toni Angelovski, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Photo: Free Press

After the information that the Public Prosecutor's Office acted upon a report from the US Embassy in Macedonia that a person from a political party reported that 83 people, prisoners at large, received firearms in order to obstruct the election process, the Ministry of Interior announced.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, Toni Angelovski, in a statement for "free press" says that all measures and activities have been taken regarding the report.

- A person from a political party submitted a report to the US Embassy in Macedonia, which forwarded it to us and to the Public Prosecutor's Office. In connection with this report, all necessary measures and activities have been taken in coordination with the Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. I can absolutely say that so far there is no confirmation regarding this report - said Angelovski.

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