VIDEO | A female musician created with the help of artificial intelligence has promoted her first song

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Singer Anna Indiana which was created with artificial intelligence, launched its first song and caused a storm of reactions among social media users.

Musician Anna Indiana recently appeared on the X social network. Her music is a complete product of artificial intelligence, which continues to cause concern in the creative industries.

The initials "AI" (AI) actually indicate her origin, as her appearance and her music are made with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

By the way, the X network released a three and a half minute video showing Anna recording a song in a music studio.

"Hello world!" I'm Anna Indiana and I'm an AI singer and songwriter. Here is my first song 'Betrayed by this Town'. Everything – from key, tempo, chords, notes, melody, rhythm, lyrics and my image and singing – automatically generated by artificial intelligence. I hope you like it."

The song "Betrayed by this Town" is a pop ballad, and the lyrics briefly talk about how the girls were sitting in a cafe, drinking tea and thinking about the men who betrayed them.

After this video went viral, many expressed their opinion about the use of artificial intelligence in the world of creativity.

Most aren't very enthusiastic about the song, much less the idea of ​​using artificial intelligence instead of human creativity.

 "A nice demonstration of what music would sound like if all creativity and passion were stripped away." I'm sure my microwave will listen to this. This brought me to tears. I'm so excited for the future,” wrote one user.

"I used to think AI was a threat, not anymore"; "No one in the world wants this technology. Use artificial intelligence to make your job easier, not destroy the activities we enjoy”; "This is rubbish," were other comments.

While most users felt uncomfortable with the AI, others praised how advanced the technology was.

"God, such short-sighted comments." Just a year ago, 'Chetjipity' debuted. Come back here in a year,” was the positive comment.

Otherwise, it is not clear who is behind the creation of this song with the help of artificial intelligence.

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