VIDEO | We chat with the popular yet anonymous "Tastefull Consigliere": Food has monumental value

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The relationship with food, the feast, the society, sarcastically and gallantly merged in emotion are the impulse of the young character who channels his daily experiences on his Instagram profile.

Subtle. Expressive. Anonymous. Who is the guy behind the Instagram profile? "Tasteful Gonsigliere"?

- I believe in the attitude that, metaphorically speaking, the first layer, that is, the physical appearance, is just cellophane and that it is much less important for anything. What is more important is that it is not seen. That's why I remained anonymous - he says.


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As for his social media posts, he says he's always honest and spontaneous.

- I never think things over when I write them, and that's how I am in life too - impulsive and emotional. I am driven by emotion, something that can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. That's how I write things, if I feel that something caused a note of sarcasm in me, then I write it a little more sarcastically - says the blogger.


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For this young foodie, food has a monumental value and he says he has an emotional relationship with it.

- For me, food has a monumental value and evokes memories. I really respect the taste and the food, and I really respect the effort and quality of both the raw materials and the people who prepared the food. I have an emotional relationship with food. I can remember certain flavors I've eaten, where I've been, with whom. I have to mention my grandmother, there are some of her steaks that I will never forget. I will never forget the taste of those steaks. I have eaten other steaks, maybe tastier, but they were not my grandmother's - he recalled.


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Friendship and respect, family, his love for the city, people in the fashion industry and lifestyle play a significant role in the majority of his Instagram posts.

- Sometimes when an ordinary person cooks something, and he gave a part of himself in that dish, for me it is a tastier dish. Then you feel that moment of your own stamp, giving a part of yourself to the food, in the form of socialization, friendship, respect. Food is also associated with respect, especially in our culture – guests come to you, so you offer food, take them to a pub, treat them to lunch, etc. At least that's how I was raised and brought up - the blogger thinks.

His great interest in food forced him to gradually professionalize the gastronomic waters, where he recently organized a gastronomic event where he was the curator of the event, accompanied by his friend Matej, a professional chef.

In addition to his affinities, his love for the fashion industry led him to create his own brand with the motto "Refined Taste", which is recognizable by his baseball caps.

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