VIDEO: Boy shows how he catches fish with plastic bottles and collects more than 18 million views

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

Given how long fishing has been part of people's culture, various innovations related to it can be expected. However, there are some innovations made by children, and they are so interesting and useful that they attract the attention of the general population.

One little boy showed everyone how easy it is to fish with just a few simple and easily accessible items. Pro Fish Hunter, A YouTube channel dedicated to fishing skills, posted a video about it. Not surprisingly, the boy went viral very quickly.

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The child has shown exceptional skill in what he does, even though he is still a child. He simply fished using just a few sticks, ropes with hooks and empty plastic bottles. He also has some dough that he uses as bait.

First he unwrapped the fishing rope, put the bottles on the rods and continued to show incredible dexterity throughout the process. Obviously, this is not the first time he has done this.

After setting up the items, the boy withdrew for three hours, and when he returned, he started taking fish one by one, and people expressed their surprise in the comments.

Take a look at the little skillful fisherman:

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