VIDEO | Many tears, but also happy moments: Ed Sheeran is filming a documentary series about his life

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The famous musician Ed Sheeran recorded the documentary series in which he told everything about his childhood and the road to fame. The name of the documentary is "The Sum Of It All", and in the first trailer Ed cried when talking about his wife's illness and the death of his best friend Jamal.


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In the trailer, Sheeran talks about his childhood and the stuttering problem that followed him, but also about the line that followed him early in his career: “This guy's not going to be a pop star. "Nothing from him."


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Footage from his childhood overlaps with scenes from his huge sold-out tour, then he talks about his friendship with the music producer Jamal Edwards, who gave him his first big break and who died last year at age 31 of an alcohol- and cocaine-related heart attack.

The singer spoke about his wife's health problems Cherry Seaborn, with whom she has two children, was diagnosed with a tumor while pregnant with their 10-month-old daughter Jupiter.

"Everything in my life became much better when Cheri came," said the singer, who broke down in tears in the car, overcome with emotion over the death of his friend and his wife's illness. The video shows him crying on stage, with his wife commenting that he still hasn't dealt with his emotions.

The documentary consists of four episodes, the first of which will be released on May 5.

'Pregnant wife diagnosed with tumour': Ed Sheeran on battling depression

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