VIDEO | "She was my first love": Daniel Popovic revealed who the real Julie is

Daniel Popovic's Eurovision performance in 1983 / Photo: Screenshot/Youtube

The singer Daniel Popovic is a true Eurovision legend, at least when it comes to the music from the region that has been presented so far at this European music competition.

Not only has he achieved one of the biggest Yugoslav successes at Eurovision (4th place) with the song "Julie", but he is also considered the absolute record holder for the number of records sold in Yugoslavia.

On the occasion of 50 years of career and 40 years of the song "Julie", Popovic returns to the music scene with a new studio album.

In interview for Croatian "Dnevnik", he revealed how they made the song that won Europe and which woman was the inspiration for 'Julie'.

Although the text, which, interestingly, does not have a single rhyme, was written by the legendary Mario Mihaljevic, the name Julie was Daniel's idea. Namely, that's what he called his first love from Germany, who came with her parents on vacation in Yugoslavia.

“Angela was the right person for that song. Angela Basevral", revealed the legendary singer.


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During the conversation with the Croatian journalist Anya Bennetta, Popović also talked about the success after Eurovision. "Julie" was sold in a record XNUMX copies. Overnight, Daniel became the biggest music star in Yugoslavia, but also outside it - "Julie" was translated into more than ten world languages.

"In Norway, ABA had 25.000 and I had 40.000, which is phenomenal. At one point, I was ahead of Michael Jackson in the number of records sold in Norway. As for Germany, I sold 500.000 records there and was ahead of David Bowie and Michael Jackson in the charts. Bravo magazine started a fan club of mine, which was really crazy. We were guests in many television shows," he said.


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He also had the opportunity to build a career in the United States.

“I didn't want to go to Nashville because of the plane travel, I don't like planes. By the way, Chris Waters, who wrote 'Black Velvet' for Alana Miles, offered me cooperation and told me: 'You have to come to America, you're for America', and I told him: 'I'm not getting on a plane' ", the singer recalled.

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