VIDEO | For 5 months, the doctors prayed with the Ministry for 3 thousand denars, which were "eaten" by inflation

Health workers' protest/Photo: Free Press

With the March salary, the nurses will receive a 3 denar salary increase, and the rest of the health workers will receive a 2 denar increase. After six months, the Ministry of Health took pity on the demands of the health workers and signed an annex to the collective agreement, and the semi-satisfied medics already announced new demands.

- Only by increasing the score can we get financial satisfaction, and this miserable increase of three thousand and two thousand denars that we have been waiting for six months is money that inflation has eaten up. The hike was supposed to be in November, not now. Therefore, let the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance prepare that we will demand an increase in the score, because otherwise we will never have a rebound by professions, by profiles and by education. Any increase in the minimum wage should be harmonized with the growth of other wages, said doctor Predrag Serafimovski from the union of the Clinical Center.

Doctor Ljubisa Karanfilovski from the Independent Union for Health, Pharmacy and Social Protection said that the signing of the annex took place at 9 am, that the act will go to the Ministry of Finance for approval and the payments will be from the March salary. With that, the salaries of healthcare workers will increase linearly.

- It was very important to gather like this so that they could see that despite certain obstructions, such as the fact that information was leaked that the signing was over and there was no need to go out to protest - we wanted to express our massiveness and the dissatisfaction that persisted. We are aware that the dissatisfaction will continue and that it is justified, the correction is not enough to valorize your work, this correction is not the one that recognizes your work, this correction is not what would justify your responsibility in the workplaces, but this is distancing certain groups from the danger of equating 11 employees with the minimum wage, Karanfilovski addressed those present at the protest.

At the protest, a minute's silence was paid to Dr. Goran Begović, who died last week and was the president of the Clinical Center Union and a great fighter for the rights of medical personnel.

VIDEO INTERVIEW | Orce Eftimov: The trade unionists at the meeting with the Minister of Health, the protest will still take place


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