VIDEO: MALA - a new creative space for young artists

Four young creatives, three architects and a fashion designer today in Skopje promote a new creative center, MALA, intended for all who want to organize an exhibition, presentation or a workshop there. They say that of all the countries in the region, only Skopje lacked such space.

- This space was created by the four of us, but it is not intended exclusively for us. We have an annual dynamic plan according to which we will be guided and we will additionally present it, said today in the morning briefing, Silvija Shaleva.

Eric Jurusevic, who lives in Slovenia, says that with the opening of MALA, they wanted to give Skopje the space it lacked, and as all European cities have, a place for young people to act creatively.

- The four of us are constantly traveling through Europe and there we see very similar creative spaces. We all agreed that Skopje is missing a creative corner, and we immediately started with the realization of the idea, explains Eric, who together with Sylvia and Mirjana are part of the architectural studio Kontra.

- Skopje is a beautiful city, it offers many opportunities, it inspires us a lot in every way and that is why we decided to show ourselves on this stage, he said Mirjana Lozanovska, who this year she represented Hungary at the Venice Biennale, along with the rest of the team of architects.

The combination of fashion and architecture in Skopje is of special importance to me. For the last collection I was inspired by the architecture or their pavilion in Venice. The collection was displayed at Expo 30 in Skopje. It was a nice way to open our small space, which I hope will fit nicely into the overall urban living in the city, says fashion designer Evgenija Zafirovska.

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