VIDEO | Macedonian football player Mircevski prevented a major disaster in a chain collision in Serbia

Photo: Screenshot

The Macedonian footballer who plays in the Serbian championship in the TSC Backa Topola team, Martin Mircevski together with four other teammates, they acted like real heroes in a big chain collision that happened on the outskirts of Serbia.

As many as 12 vehicles were involved in the chain collision, including a truck. The accident occurred due to the sandstorm, which made the visibility on the road too low. Mircevski, together with his teammates, was returning from training at that moment and when they ran into the storm, they decided to stop vehicles that were unaware of the danger in front of them, thus preventing an even bigger disaster.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities in the accident, and the injured were taken to the nearest hospital. A statement about the incident "Mozart Sport" said the captain of Backa Topola, Goran Antonic.

"When we were returning from the training, the wind raised a lot of dust and the visibility was very low, we reduced the speed, but we were about to participate in the accident. We made our way through the cloud of dust to the other side when a truck ran into one of the cars on the road.

We left the road and went down into the canal from where we noticed that other cars were approaching and not knowing that there was a big collision in front of them. "We ran to the car and started to stop them, in the meantime we called an ambulance, the fire department and the police," said Antonić.

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