VIDEO | The Macedonian Barbara Popovic with an impressive performance of "Zajdi, zajdi": She burst into tears on the stage of "IDJ Show"

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

Barbara Popovic, one of the top 12 finalists at the regional music show "IDJ Show", a girl with a magical voice, amazed the jury and the audience with an impressive performance of the song "come, come".

She stood out with her talent and the specific color of her voice, and managed to win the hearts of the public and is highly ranked on the list of "IDJ Show".

Barbara decided to introduce herself with the song "Zajdi, zajdi", which is one of the most famous Macedonian folk songs. She shone on the main stage of the show, received a big applause from the audience, and then had the opportunity to hear the comments of the expert jury members, the rapper Relja Popovic, the singer Natasha Bekvalac and one of the best Macedonian composers, Darko Dimitrov.

They pointed out that Barbara has finally shown herself in a true light, in every sense.

"I can see and hear Barbara very well." You were sensational tonight, you look so dignified and you sounded spectacular. It seems to me that this song is the song in which he showed all his talent", Natasha addressed her first.

Then Relja referred to her performance, but also to her overall behavior.

"She sang and looked amazing." I talked to you at length on the previous show, and now I want to follow up on that. Then I talked about your attitude towards the game and for the past two weeks I have been following your attitude towards the game which has changed and I really want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and I think that is very important for you. She looked phenomenal and sang beautifully. It's my luck that I don't cry on this song, because I wouldn't survive two cries tonight," Relja told her.

Then followed a comment by Barbara's mentor, Darko Dimitrov, who greeted her performance with applause.

"I am proud to be Macedonian. You are one of the angels who represent Macedonia and I thank you. This song is the Macedonian anthem and I'm glad that Barbara presented it like this", he addressed her with eyes full of tears, which shook Barbara and made her cry.

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