VIDEO | Lukarevska: The anti-crisis measures showed how SDSM builds a society for everyone

Sanja Lukarevska, vice-president of SDSM/Photo: Metodi Zdravev

In the morning program of "Free Press", Sanja Lukarevska pointed out that SDSM, as a party in power during the seven-year mandate, creates pro-European policies and is always on the side of the citizens. The introduction of anti-crisis measures was an indication that SDSM is on the side of the citizens.

Lukarevska pointed out that so far 12,8 million euros have been returned for the third quarter to 460 thousand citizens and the minimum and average salary and pensions have increased, and this is an indication that SDSM has an EU future - a modern standard, economic security and development policies for the benefit of the citizens.

- We increased the minimum wage, we increased the average wage, that was a promise we made every day in the campaign, and therefore, if you can say that, it represents the crown of what SDSM's policy means. We have also increased pensions, introduced several packages of anti-crisis measures in the time of the corona in the time of the energy crisis. One of the postulates upon coming to power, in addition to the commitment to membership in NATO and the EU, was to build a society for everyone and that we will return the citizens' money back. It may sound immodest, but out of the many projects, I consider MojDDV to be one of the more successful projects, says Lukarevska.

Instead of advocating together as a people for a better future of the state - the opposition is taking the state back - a few days ago in the assemblies, the opposition showed how it would create policies if it was in power - through breaking and destroying, which is the return of regime rule and capture of the state in one place - Lukarevska said.

Watch the entire interview with Sanja Lukarevska below:

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