VIDEO | Leyla Ramkovska, yoga instructor: Balance means moderation, neither too much euphoria, nor too much sadness

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

Yoga allows us to be more present, to get rid of everyday stress and to move the body merged with the breath...

In addition to all this, yoga can also improve our relationship with ourselves and others, as well as strengthen our sense of community. That's because the goal of this age-old discipline is not to be the best, but to always grow and develop…

Leyla Ramkovska for Slobodno with Agnesa, photographer, Dran Mitreski
Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

But how do we start practicing yoga? What exactly is the philosophy behind it? And how can it improve our mental well-being?

Our interview with Leyla Ramkovska, will give you all the necessary tools to incorporate this practice into your life. Leila has been a yoga instructor for several years.

Her style of practice is fitness yoga. The approach to her teaching stems from her belief that yoga is accessible to everyone. After years of professionalization, Leyla opened her own yoga club "Club 8".

With her big smile and enthusiasm, she opened the studio doors to us and treated us to a nice conversation. We sat down on the floor and chat about her personal journey through life and yoga.

Leyla is also known on social networks, where she encourages people to activate their body through various exercises and videos.

Her beginnings with yoga are in her 30s. Moments that raised Leyla in a big turn towards herself... If we would say coincidentally, Leyla says about her beginnings with yoga:

"I became a yoga instructor by chance, however, I don't believe in coincidences... Everything was somehow, as a consequence, simple, when everything is arranged as it should be and right, at that moment you have to recognize the signs that lead you to something and you accept all those challenges that come your way, maybe even if you're not ready, you have to seize that opportunity."

Practicing yoga in her life has brought her a lot of balance, harmony, awareness and more understanding of herself and the environment. For her, yoga is one of the most ideal disciplines she applies, Leila explains to "Free with Agnesa".

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

In addition to yoga, Leila runs a successful business and is a mother of two children, takes care of the home, hangs out with friends. They are the key segments that fill her life...

At her club, Leila teaches intensive yoga classes that include various performance techniques. The most interesting techniques for Leila are the ones we say we can't do, simply, they are a challenge for both her and the practitioners.

"When I started yoga at the age of 30, I couldn't do a very easy yoga exercise. So, that's the principle.''

Talking about the benefits of yoga, mental health and balancing emotions, Leila says that through yoga we get to know ourselves more and see what is happening to us, with great understanding we follow all the reactions that come from the outside. To achieve harmony and balance.

"For me, balance means moderation." Not too much euphoria, not too much sadness. Just don't go from extreme to extreme like a scale. I am a Libra in my horoscope and I want everything to be in harmony."

Leyla lives her life in moderation, a actthe inner life tries to balance it with rest.

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The most effective stress management techniques.

"A very important technique when we start yoga or any kind of physical activity is not to succumb to moments when you lose motivation, when you have problems, when you are in a bad mood, nervous. To say 'I'm not going now. I don't feel like physical activity, yoga or whatever...' So, the first moment that needs to be 'broken' is the illusion that we need to have motivation to exercise, no, we need to have discipline. And if we create such a habit, no matter what. We stick to that particular physical activity, it leads to long-term calmness," says Leyla for "Free with Agnesa".

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

In addition to mental health, calmness, balance and discipline, practicing yoga improves the body's flexibility. The style in which Leila trains clients is called "fitness power yoga", however, she also does exercises to gain flexibility.

 "Often what drives us to start yoga is some kind of lostness. When we lack something... The first step is to return to ourselves... To return our attention to ourselves. Maybe a bit of isolation, recovering in a way, through different yoga techniques and sticking with it."

Watch the entire video with Leyla Ramkovska at the following link:

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