VIDEO | A retriever puppy squeals sadly: What the cat did will make you sick

the dog
Photo: Printscreen / TickTock

Hannah Colson recently got a whole litter of cuties puppies. Her retriever Olive gave birth to nine puppies, who are constantly looking for their mother. Luckily, Olive doesn't have to take care of her babies alone as she shares a home with a cat named Fig.

Coulson posted a video on TikTok showing a puppy squealing in agony as his exhausted mother no longer has the strength to calm him down. She stands wearily in front of the crying puppy and stares into space. Then Figg comes to the rescue and lays down next to the puppy and comforts him by petting him. The cat succeeded in his plan as the squeals became quieter.

The video has collected more than 11 million views in four days, and you can watch it below:

@hannahcolson Baby daddy putting in the work #catdad #goldenretriever ♬ original sound – Hannah Colson

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