VIDEO | Bleeding to the end: Daniel Craig with an open wound that bleeds performed the whole interview

Daniel Craig Javier
Photo: Printscreen / Twitter

Daniel Craig apparently experienced so much minor and insignificant bleeding during filming as James Bond that he no longer notices when he is bleeding.

The star of Casino Royale stayed in an interview with actor Javier Bardem for the latest episode of the "Actors in the Actors" segment of "Variety".

The two talked about Daniel's last engagement playing 007 in "No Time To Die" last year, while Javier talked about his role in the controversial biographical film "Being The Ricardos", but won a Golden Globe.

However, throughout the interview, 53-year-old Daniel did not know he was bleeding from a cut on the right side of his forehead.

Being a good friend, Javier, 52, could not have ended the conversation without pointing out the obvious: "Let me ask you, my friend, as a final question, what happened to you here?"

The British actor looked confused and started waving his head asking: "Where? "Did I hit my head?"

Pointing to the right place, Javier said, "You have something red right here."

Daniel then smiles and mocks: "Did I do the whole interview bleeding? "It's probably part of the sandwich."

The actor then stepped out of the screen to look in the mirror and shouted, "Oh, you're right, I cut my head off."

Offering an explanation, he said: "They sent me this beautiful ring flash that I put with the iPad in the middle of it. "I went like this and it just fell on my head."

"These are 17 years of playing Bond, can you see how prone I am to accidents? "No wonder I get hurt every time I make a movie," Daniel Craig joked, laughing.

He then thanked Javier for pointing this out and said: "If I don't get hurt while filming, I'm not doing it right."

Daniel is not wrong because he suffered a lot of injuries during the filming of Bond movies, including breaking his leg during the filming of "Specter" in 2015, and also broke his wrist during the filming of "No Time To Die".

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