VIDEO | Sky cruise: Proposed model for a huge flying hotel

Photo: YouTube - print screen

A model was created for a giant "flying hotel" on nuclear energy, with a gym and a swimming pool that will be able to transport 5.000 passengers in unparalleled luxury. "Sky Cruise"Piloted by artificial intelligence, plans to stay in the air for months and at the same time join to pick up new passengers or land any of the aircraft, reports NY Post.

The futuristic hybrid between a plane and a hotel with 20 nuclear fusion engines is designed to never land.

Hashem Algaili, who created the incredibly detailed model of the monster plane, says sky cruising "could be the future of transportation." Designed to operate 24/7, Alghaili even adds that repairs will be carried out in-flight for the first time in aviation.

And when asked how many people would be needed to fly this gigantic plane, he said: "All this technology and you still want pilots?" I believe it will be completely autonomous."

Despite drone plans, the Sky Cruise will still need a lot of on-board staff to meet the needs of the passengers.

The very detailed video also promises restaurants, a huge mall, a gym, a theater, and even a swimming pool. And even that it will be a perfect place for a wedding, if you are brave enough. And it would be perfect because "Sky Cruise" offers a panoramic hall, which offers an amazing 360 degree view from the outside.

Some have called the concept "a new Titanic”, pointing out many problems with its design.

The huge plane would have trouble taking off and would be far from aerodynamic. Others have also pointed to the disadvantages of its weight, saying that if a plane powered by a nuclear reactor were to crash, it could destroy a city.

Photo: YouTube - print screen

One nervous passenger said, "Great idea to put a nuclear reactor in something that might not work and fall from the sky." While someone else commented "I'm sure I can afford a ticket to the lowest deck with no legroom and no access to the salon."

While many have high hopes for the massive hotel, Sky Cruise is still far in the future.

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