VIDEO | Kovacki believes that parliamentary elections are needed, Despotovski claims that SDSM does not run away from confrontation

Dragan Kovacki and Jovan Despotovski
Dragan Kovacki and Jovan Despotovski in the show "Click Plus" / Photo: Screenshot, YouTube

Dragan Kovacki from VMRO-DPMNE in his guest appearance in the debate show "Click Plus" on TV 21 stressed that parliamentary elections are needed.

- The composition of the Parliament, ie the composition of the MPs does not reflect the will of the citizens in the last elections, so we demand quick early parliamentary elections, said Kovacki.

On the other hand, the director of TIDZ and a possible candidate for leader of SDSM, Jovan Despotovski said that SDSM is a serious and large political party, so the challenge and facing political opponents did not run away and will not run away.

- Now whether the state needs it, that is another question. What our political opponent sees as success, we may need to look at a little more realistically. First, our political opponent won fewer votes in the local elections than in the parliamentary elections. Secondly, it is a failure for both political parties because over 150 citizens stayed at home. This means that if we are the two largest and most responsible political parties in this country, then we should think about how we contributed to that situation and how we will bring these people back to the democratic process, says Despotovski.

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