VIDEO | Kovacevski: The state will not allow a price shock

Dimitar Kovacevski / Photo: Screenshot, Facebook

Thirty years have not been invested in the Macedonian energy sector. Our facilities are old, from the former Yugoslavia. However, the state has mechanisms to prevent a price shock, as well as financial resources in the budget that will manage the crisis, said Deputy Minister of Finance and SDSM presidential candidate, Dimitar Kovacevski.

Speaking on Sitel TV, Kovacevski reiterated that four billion denars have already been transferred to energy companies for electricity supply and production.

- Obligations have been given and all energy facilities, in Bitola, Oslomej and Negotino, to be put into use, said Kovacevski, emphasizing that the state will not allow a price shock.

Regarding the coron pandemic, Kovacesvki stressed that vaccination is a priority, while for the current education reforms implemented by Minister Mila Carovska, it is decisive that the adoption of all legal changes should be through an inclusive process.

- When something new is introduced, there is always resistance, especially when it comes to digitalization, all parties are afraid. Therefore, I think that any such reform must be done on the basis of an inclusive process in which all stakeholders will be involved, everyone should agree and understand the reform, understand the implications of it and enter into its final implementation, said Kovacevski.

Source: MIA

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