VIDEO: Kosovo police announced what Milan Radoicic's house looks like and compared it to Pablo Escobar

photo: Official Facebook profile of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Djeljaj Sveklja

Kosovo Minister of Police Zeljaj Sveklja announced video from inside Radoicic's villa on the shores of Lake Gazivode, calling him the Pablo Escobar of the region.

"The terrorist attack that the Kosovo police faced in the village of Banjska will be investigated in detail and to the end. "The Kosovo police, in accordance with the court order, today conducted a search in the apartment of Milan Radojčić, his villa on the Ujman Lake," Sveklja wrote on his Facebook profile, "" reported.

"Even from the pictures that can be seen, it is obvious that it is not a 'freedom fighter' but Pablo Escobar from the region." Under the guise of a defender of the citizens, he and his associates became multimillionaires at the expense of the law, the state and other citizens. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the place of the crime all these years in the north of the country together with all the property of the terrorist group", Sveklja concluded.

Milan Radoicic's property in Kosovo was searched today, and meanwhile he admitted full responsibility for the events in the village of Banjska, when four people died.



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