VIDEO | When Cupid's Arrow Pierces You: Songs Inspired by Great, True Love

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil | Joan Baez and Bob Dylan | Patty Boyd and George Harrison / Photo: Profimedia

The best love songs are usually inspired by feelings that are sometimes real and sometimes imagined. However, there is something very special about love songs that carry real stories.

Some of the greatest love songs of all time were written about real people, real relationships, and people love them because they have real emotions conveyed in music and lyrics.

These are some songs that are inspired by true love stories.

1. Joan Baez – "Diamonds And Rust"

In the song "Diamonds And Rust" Joan Baez tells of an unexpected phone call in 1974 from a former lover. In the song's lyrics, Baez recalls the time she gave her lover cufflinks, alluding to the memories carrying "diamonds and rust."

Joan's former love was Bob Dylan, who with the phone call awakened her hidden feelings for him, which she translated into the song "Diamonds And Rust".

2. Bob Dylan – "Sara"

Speaking of Bob Dylan, he was not only the inspiration for love songs himself, he also wrote love songs with real stories.

One of those songs is "Sara" which he wrote for Sarah Lowndes, who won his heart and later becomes his wife, and he describes her in the song as "a woman who is so easy to look at, but so hard to define".

Bob Dylan wrote this autobiographical song during his separation from then-Sarah Dylan.

3. "The Beatles" – "Something"

George Harrison he didn't get as many opportunities to shine as they did Paul McCarney и John Lennon from "The Beatles", but it is certain that he shined with this song.

Although George has publicly stated that Krishna is the inspiration for the song, his wife is Patty Boyd she claims in her biography that the song was written for her.

4. Eric Clapton – "Wonderful Tonight"

Patty Boyd by all accounts it seems to have been the inspiration for several musical legends. After marriage with George Harrison, she's marrying another rock legend, Eric Clapton. Not many women can boast of having inspired two of the biggest names in music in the world.

Clapton wrote the song "Wonderful Tonight" for Petty while he was waiting for her to get ready for the party Gender и Linda McCartney.

5. "Fleetwood Mac" – "Go Your Own Way"

It's pretty safe to say that any song they've written Stevie Nicks or Lynsey Buckingham in the 70s and 80s is associated with their passionate romantic relationship.

However, in the end it was an irreparable relationship that could not be saved. Their love ended in 1976, and the song was written during that period when they were still communicating, but often the communication turned into fighting and screaming.

6. Amy Winehouse – "Back To Black"

The relationship between is doomed Amy Winehouse и Blake Fielder-Civil is one of the saddest stories in later music history. The couple was very much in love, but unfortunately, they were extremely destructive to each other. Many believe that it was Blake who introduced Amy to the "drug world", which ultimately resulted in the tragic end of her life.

This song is Amy's intimate confession about the depression caused by the end of her relationship with Blake, just a few years before she left us too soon.

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