VIDEO: Near the village of Brodec on Shara, a bear jumps into Pena to save the bear from the fast waters of the river

Photo: Facebook

A video appeared on the Facebook page Selo Brodec showing a bear looking for its cub in the fast waters of the Pena River.

The location is just a hundred meters from the Šarplanina village of Brodec, along the course of the Pena. The bear first crosses the river from one side and then from the other side in search of the bear. In about a minute, the bear appears, carried by the rushing water, and the bear jumps after him in an attempt to save him. The river carries them downstream, but the outcome cannot be seen from the dense forest. In the meantime, while this "rescue mission" is going on, another bear appears along the river, which follows the incident, and howls are constantly heard.

Residents of Brodec testified to us that the bear with cubs constantly "visits the village" and approaches ten meters to the first houses, probably in search of food.

Photo: Facebook

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