VIDEO: Jovev was fired because Minister Sally did not approve duty, says lawyer Mihajlovski

Prof. Dr. Sashko Jovev and lawyer Mite Mihajlovski/Photo: Sloboden Pechat

The press conference of dismissed director Sashko Jovev began with cheers from patients and employees of the Cardiology Clinic. Thirty employees and several heart transplant patients came out to support the doctor. Jovev said at the very beginning that the Minister of Health, Fatmir Mejiti, replaced him due to some protocol error for an event organized by the Clinic. He said that it was not only the victim that came out, but also the whole heart surgery.

According to Jovev, Mejiti got angry because he was invited late. His lawyer, on the other hand, says that the decision to dismiss him is only because the previous minister Sali did not approve Jovev's duty.

-Politics was not an initial passion, but as it started, it will probably move from vanity to political market. I expected this kind of support, I know the team. This is a 24/7 team that has no business hours. In my 35 years of experience, I have never taken a sick day. Last week I had to take because of pressures. We recently opened a hybrid hall at the Clinic, where the Prime Minister came. The minister did not come, did he think that the invitation was sent late, but I had pressures why we opened it without him, said Jovev.

Dr. Jovev's lawyer, Mite Mihajlovski, said that in the dismissal decision, it is stated that Dr. Jovev was on duty twice in 2022 without the consent of the minister, and then Bekim Sali was in that position. Dr. Jovev says that it is normal to be on duty and cover for colleagues, as all clinics work. Mihajlovski announced a legal procedure for the dismissal decision.

He said that the Clinic has no working hours, but works daily 24/7.

- I am supported by SDSM, but I am not a party member. The deputy minister supported me, and I have not received a notification from the prime minister, and she thought that she should not interfere in our work with the minister. The party itself and its structures seriously supported me and stood by my side, Jovev told the media.

According to him, the initial capital could be some vanity or misunderstanding. He said he has an honest and intellectual portfolio.

- This did not start politically, but as it moves, there may be an unnecessary political market, emphasizes the doctor. In this country only success is not forgiven. Under my leadership together with my team, in eight years we made an ultramodern clinic that performs all possible procedures in the country. As a reward, we got a change in the management team, that is, my dismissal. We believe that the winning team does not change. I want to emphasize that the most experienced people are not dismissed because of minor mistakes - said Dr. Jovev.

In the meantime, patients appeared in front of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic, where they expressed their support for the doctor. They indicated that thanks to the interventions of Jovev, they are now alive and well. Employees from the Clinic also came to the protest. Some of them consider that this kind of behavior is chasing the dismissed director from his home.

Cardiac surgeon Sashko Jovev was among the winners of the state award "St. Kliment Ohridski", the highest recognition for long-term achievements in the field of upbringing, education, culture, art, health, protection and improvement of the human environment and in social activities of public interest in the country. He temporarily received the award for life's work "Sailors" of the Municipality of Veles, and was also part of the group awarded with "November 13" of the City of Skopje.

The first heart transplant was performed on May 23, 2020, since then he has performed a total of eight heart transplants.

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