VIDEO | Jovanovski: The VMRO-DPMNE program is full of contradictions

Mirce Jovanovski - journalist / Photo: "Sloboden pechat" / Metodi Zdraev

The editor and journalist Mirce Jovanovski, analyzing the promotional announcements of the election program of VMRO DPMNE, says that there are several contradictions.

The most visible is the announcement by the leader of the party, Hristijan Mickoski, who announced a linear increase in pensions by 5.000 denars, while the member of the executive board, Professor Trajko Slaveski, clearly announced at the same forum that pensioners should have moderate demands and that a new social order should be achieved. agreement with pensioners.

According to Jovanovski, there are at least two more contradictions in this program of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE. First of all, says Jovanovski, sign up for the reduction of the profit tax. According to him, a unified level of profit tax of 15 percent is being advocated within the OECD.

- I think fifteen percent is the global rate. Macedonia is certainly a sovereign state and has the right to create its own tax policy, but this agreement stipulates that if the state taxes at a lower rate such as 10, 8 or 5 percent, the difference up to 15 percent will be paid by the company operating in Macedonia in its home country. country. So there is no profit for the company, says Jovanovski.

The second contradiction, says Jovanovski in an interview with "Sloboden Pechat", is the announcement that a fund of 250 million euros will be established for the municipalities. According to the VMRO-DPMNE plan, the municipalities will have to compete with their own projects, and the Government will have to finance them. It is against the efforts for decentralization, says Jovanovski.

Watch the entire interview with Mirce Jovanovski below:

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