VIDEO | Jelena Rozga sings, Milan Marić watches her: Everyone is delighted by the recording with the Serbian actor

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The actor Milan Maric is one of the most interesting bachelors in Serbia, but he hides his emotional relationships from "public eyes". However, the handsome Marić was caught at the Croatian singer's performance Jelena Rozga and very close to her.

Considering that Milan is known to like ladies who are a little older than him and since he was in a relationship with a woman 19 years older until a few years ago, it is not surprising that he was watching and listening to Jelena Rozga.


Milan (33) was recorded at the performance of Yelen Rozga (46) while singing the song "Bijouterie". The actor stood right next to the stage and chatted with a member of Rozga's team while she sang.

A little later Jelena's PR team announced with an explanation:

"It was last night, yes, Jelena performed at that private event and Milan hosted the program of the company that made the event," they briefly wrote.

The Serbian actor has already conquered the public by showing all the nuances of his masterful acting through the role of Toma Zdravkovic in the most talked about film in the Balkans lately "Thomas."

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