VIDEO | Jana Gigova: You can make a living from street art in Skopje

Jana Gigova - musician / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

Jana Gigova is a street artist who has been playing and singing for more than ten years in "Macedonia" square in Skopje, entertaining passers-by who know how to separate from their time and their budget to respect what Jana does in every season.

"If I have enough jackets on me, I also play in winter, it's not pleasant to sing in those conditions, so I wait for it to warm up." You can make a good living from this job, I supported myself for ten years only by playing in the square. "In the beginning, there was a good project, through which you could get a job and receive a monthly income, a fee that regulated the engagement of street musicians," Jana said in an interview with Utrinski Pechat.

Her impression is that there was a period when Skopje was dirty, and Skopjes were generally not in the mood for music, so she decided to move to Greece for a few years, where she performed in local clubs.

"Everyone has a slightly wrong idea about why I do this job, everyone thinks that it is my last choice, that I have nothing else to do, so I have to do this. But the case is quite the opposite, the earnings are much better than many other jobs, only there are difficult working conditions", says Jana about how she is accepted by the people of Skopje.

It's Jana daughter of our famous musician Sasho Gigov-Gish, whom she says had an influence on building her musical style, but everything she achieved in life she achieved alone, without anyone's help. She performed in several European cities and thinks that the experience compared to Skopje is different.

"In every city the approach to street artists is different and in every city a different type of street art prospers more. I traveled more when I was younger and I think it's a nice experience, nice memories and stories to tell, but still, I wouldn't live that way. "I was most well received in Prague, because it is the most artistic city, free for young people without prejudice," Jana explained about her experience in big European cities.

Jana also talked about her love for playing, creating original music, her ambitions and plans for the future.

You can watch the rest of the conversation below:

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