VIDEO | 'Looking amazing at 54': Jennifer Aniston has shown she's still in great shape

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram

The American actress Jennifer Aniston posted a video of her workout routine and once again wowed Instagram followers with her flawless looks.

In the caption of the video, she boasted that she is part of a training team and that she is proud to support such talented trainers on her social media.

"These are some of my favorite exercises. I am grateful to the team and excited for everything to come," she wrote.

Photo: Instagram/Pvolve

The star of the sitcom "Friends" is 54 years old, and fans have paid her numerous compliments about her youthful appearance and great physical shape.

"God!" Jennifer, how can you keep looking better and better?", "Are you kidding me? I can't believe you're 54 years old," "You have the kind of body anyone would want. I'm in my twenties and I've never seen any muscles on my abs. Thank you for showing women, of any age, that it's good to work on yourself," read some of the comments on the Instagram post.

Aniston's perfect look inspired fans to write jokey comments on her post.

"Time moves forward and for her it moves backwards", "God is a woman and her name is Jennifer Aniston", they write.

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