VIDEO | Disaster averted in Australia: a 14-year-old girl heroically prevented a bus from crashing into a gas station

Disaster averted in Australia: a 14-year-old girl heroically prevented a bus from hitting a gas station / Photo Twitter

A 14-year-old girl has been hailed a hero by NSW residents after her quick thinking prevented a school bus from crashing into a petrol station. The school bus was parked in front of the school last Wednesday when it started moving forward without a driver behind the wheel.

Isabelle Miller, who got on the bus only to talk to friends, ran to the front of the vehicle and grabbed the steering wheel as the bus crossed the road and headed straight for cars at the gas station, reports The Guardian.

"I guess the extinguished bus started moving. Since it was a slight downhill, he sped up. "But a young girl ran to the front of the bus, put on the brakes and headed the other way," said Faith Pittman, a gas station employee.

Surveillance footage shows people standing in the way of the bus before the 14-year-old girl took hold of the wheel. Speaking on the Nine's Today show, Miller noted that "everyone was terrified."

"No one did anything to stop the bus, so I ran to the front of the bus and swerved to avoid a collision. "It was quite scary to think how something bad could happen if I didn't do anything," she said.

She confirmed that she once drove a car on a pasture, but claimed that she had no other driving experience apart from that. The video also shows a teacher trying to pull the bus aside from the outside, but it was all up to Miller.

"If it had hit the pump, it would have blown the whole place up." As you can imagine, it definitely could have been a disaster,” Pittman said.

She noticed that the bus driver was talking to the teacher when the bus started moving. High School Principal Trent Graham and Mayor Robert Mastow praised the teenager for her actions. Local police said they are investigating the incident.

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