VIDEO: Italy affected by a severe drought, the longest river Po has almost dried up

Drought in Italy, the Po River dries up / Photo: EPA-EFE/Pierpaolo Ferreri

High temperatures have caused a drought across Italy, rivers and reservoirs remain without water, threatening the environment and the economy, Italian media reports.

Several Italian regions have already declared a state of emergency to secure money to fight the water crisis, and farmers' associations are predicting a sharp drop in production in key parts of the country.

"The combination of the worst drought in the past few years and the temperatures...which reached 40 degrees Celsius in late June are leading Italy to a dramatic environmental and economic situation," the ANBI agency reported.

The Po, Italy's longest river, which runs through large regions in the north and provides conditions for about a third of Italy's agricultural production, recorded its lowest water level in 70 years.

"The water level along the entire Po is still the lowest since data has been monitored. In two weeks, the amount of water has halved and dropped to just over 170 cubic meters per second", ANBI points out.

In the large lakes of the north of Italy, the water has already fallen below the record low level or is close to it, and it is also falling strongly in the natural reservoirs in central Italy. The water level in the Tiber is at its lowest level in the last few years, and in Anien the flow is at half.

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